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Long Time, No Tee! ;-)


Hello to all/any of our readers!

Sorry for not blogging recently. I have been moving to Pretoria in order to be closer to the action – so to speak. It’s weird getting used to all the rush in the city and I’ve had major designer’s block the last couple of weeks!

The design above is one I finished a while back in my pursuit of a new logo. It’s a set of instructions for the Lokal handshake: follow the arrows like so – 1) Normal shake position. 2) Upper position. 3) Back to the normal shake position. If you live in South Africa the chances are excellent that you will have encountered this greeting from a native so we’ve decided to make it our official Lokal greeting. It’s more intimate than a normal handshake but not quite as intimate as a hug – perfect for everything from meeting a bro to meeting a new boss!


Check out Jun E Caniel Boutique! They have some awesome Africa inspired tees, and other apparel! I have to admit though their style seems to be something of an acquired taste and I don’t know if I myself would wear some of their clothes but overall the team seems really cool and I’m all for their vision!

carbon arc

Sorry for not posting for awhile I’ve been  busy planning the development of my new Open-Source game project called Ark. I plan to make it a place for budding game developers to participate in the making of a commercial(although free) game. We are probably gonna use Open Game Engine,Blender for 3D models,Code::Blocks for coding. the name of my indie game dev team is carbon arc(hence the title) if you want to participate in the project please leave a comment!!


Interesting the news:

Dashboard reveals what Google knows about you

CWmike writes “Ever wonder exactly what Google knows about you? Google took a step today to answer that question with the unveiling of Google Dashboard, which is designed to let users see and control the copious amounts of data that Google has stored in its servers about them. ‘Over the past 11 years, Google has focused on building innovative products for our users. Today, with hundreds of millions of people using those products around the world, we are very aware of the trust that you have placed in us, and our responsibility to protect your privacy and data,’ Google said in a blog post today. ‘In an effort to provide you with greater transparency and control over their own data, we’ve built the Google Dashboard.’ Dashboard is set up so that users can control the personal settings in each Google product that they use. Google said the tool supports more than 20 products, including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Web History, YouTube, Picasa, Talk, Reader, Alerts and Google Latitude. Consumer Watchdog said in a statement today that it applauds Google for giving users a single place to go to manage their data. But at the same tine, the group also came down hard on Google, contending that it needs to give users a vehicle for stopping the company from collecting any personal data.”

Battlefield Hero!!!

Yeah, busy signing up for Battlefield Heroes!!

Still installing the plug-in but I can’t wait it’s gonna be awesome or at least it HAS to be awesome, that’s what the previews and interestingly th reviews say.

So my hopes are pertty high I mean it’s like one of the few commercial Free Third-Person games!!

Now for the news:

London Stock Exchange Rejects .NET for Open-Source!!

“This summer, the London Stock Exchange decided to move away from its Microsoft .Net-based trading platform, TradElect. Instead, they’ll be using the GNU/Linux-based MillenniumIT system. The switch is a pretty savage indictment of the costs of a complex .Net system. The GNU/Linux-based software is also faster, and offers several other major benefits. The details provide some fascinating insights into the world of very high performance — and very expensive — enterprise systems. … [R]ather than being just any old deal that Microsoft happened to lose, this really is something of a total rout, and in an extremely demanding and high-profile sector. Enterprise wins for GNU/Linux don’t come much better than this.”

The First Tux Geek Wedding at LinuxFest!!

At the Ohio LinuxFest yesterday, two Linux geeks were married — or had their projects merged into a single trunk, as the officiant, Lord Drachenblut, put it. The wedding of Randy Noseworthy (proprietor of the Juiced Penguin) and Janet Edmonson was announced last week and was live-tweeted by at least one attendee — here’s his photo of the happy couple. There’s also a video of the ceremony, at which Jon “Maddog” Hall offered a blessing via pre-recorded audio.
Update: 09/26 20:03 GMT by KD : In the comments, anyaristow notes that this wasn’t the first such wedding; Rob Landly and Fade were married at Penguicon in 2007, with Steve Jackson officiating and Eric Raymond as best man.

Damn the add-on doesn’t wanna install, oh well I’ll figure it out later, right now I have MATH homework!!!

So that’s that see you next time!!!


No license + no ride = no go!!!

Noooooo, I missed RAGE which is only the biggest Gaming, Tech, Anime etc… thing in SA, EVER!!!

I missed it, I missed RAGE, I missed it!!!

This is one of the MANY reasons it sucks to be under aged, no license+no ride=no go!!!

It was gonna be awsome I have been waiting all year, and thn I missed it, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Now I have to go back to my normal boring life without any awsome new games,new parts or new interests!!

It sucks seriously, it does!!

I mean I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, this is BIG really BIG!!! We NEVER have events like these, EVER!!! The biggest thing that ever happens here is probably a ten person LAN party, even that is big for my town!!

But I geuss theres always next year(if I make it!!)!!


Game Ideas!?!

Me and some friends are planning on making a PC game.

We decided we need the best storyline ever(duh), so I need ideas it needs to be FPS, the genre(horror,thriler,action etc..)doesn’t really matter, but it needs to be fun(duh, again) LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!!

We are planning on using Wolfenstein: Enemy Terretory’s game engine or Quake 3:Arena’s, and building it on Blender 3D.

Send your ideas or tips to openafrica@gmail.com!!

Ciao for now!!


Ps. Link to my blog or tell your friends or somthing I NEED traffic( wow never thought I’d ever say that)!!


OK,  so I got this Laptop, it got a virus and doesn’t even want to enter Windows, it tells me file DDraw.dll was not made to run on windows or contains an error!!! I stayed up all night trying to remove the virus by booting into Ubuntu Live-CD that didn’t work, then I tried Kaspersky Rescue disk which didn’t work, and then wait for it   -   the motherboard burned out and needs replacing(It’s a HP dv6000)!!!  As you’ve probably geussed the owner is furious(she thinks it’s my fault) even after I explained that I did not run anything that should affect the hardware in a harmful way!!

So the moral of the story is: HP Pavilion dv6000 SUCKS!!(This is just the opinion of me and hundreds of other users) this one has burned out twice in 2 yrs!!

And that’s the way the cookie crumbled, from all of us here at Intervision have a great week!!


Ubuntu network server!!

OK so about a month ago I got a job from a local bussiness to setup a network server for there offices.

I decided for a O/S I’m gonna use Ubuntu Server in Samba configuration since I run the desktop version on my PC and I’ve gotten use to the  setup. I downloaded and installed it on a Dell Poweredge 2500( I know a little low tech but they only run between 5-10 PCs) since it’s my 1st server I decided to install GNOME as my GUI( I know for a server it’s not needed but I’m used to a GUI). Everything works  so far BUT I can’t find it on the network with any other PCs(both Ubuntu and Windows) , Please help someone!?! Oh, and how do I setup a file sync?

Have a fluffy day!!


Ps. Check out my sister’s blog in my blogroll!!


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